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6 smart ideas on how to wash your hair less often.

 When your hair gets dirty, you often feel the need to wash it. However, it turns out that routine washing isn't good for your hair, even if it's clean.

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If you're wondering why it's just because the oil your hair naturally produces is essential for healthy hair growth. Natural oils nourish your hair and help moisturize and keep your strands healthy and soft. But by washing your hair regularly, you're also getting rid of these useful oils, making it a bad habit. So how do you keep your hair clean without having to wash it daily? We've got some tips for you.

1. Limit the use of oils and other hair cosmetics :

While some products can help nourish dry and damaged hair, it's important to watch the amount of product you apply to your hair. If you use too much hair oil or if your hair masks are heavy, they can weigh your hair down and make it look dirty faster.

2. Brush your hair less often:

Try to brush your hair less often. When you brush your hair, you stimulate your hair follicles to produce more oil. Instead of brushing your hair with a toothbrush, try brushing with a comb. Focus on your hair and avoid touching your scalp.

3. Put less hand in your hair :

Also, avoid touching your hair often. Having your hand in your hair every time also stimulates your hair follicles to produce more oil and make your hair more dirty.

4. Make buns :

If your hair starts to look oily, try bunting it instead of washing it. You can also style your hair in a bun to preserve it.

5. Use fewer styling tools:

First, lower the temperature of your styling tools. If you use a hair dryer, curling iron or straightening iron, it causes the follicles to produce more oil to protect the scalp. The less cosmetics you use, the longer your hair will stay clean.

6. Clean your pillowcases :

Wash your pillowcases more often because they are usually a purulent breeding ground for oil and dirt from your face and hair. You should change your pillowcases or wash them at least once a week.

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