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This banana, lemon and honey mask is a natural botox that makes you look 10 years younger


This banana, lemon and honey mask is a natural botox that makes you look 10 years younger
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Over the years, the mechanisms of dermal elasticity deteriorate as collagen production slows down. This phenomenon causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in areas such as the eye area, the corners of the lips, the neck, or the forehead. To fight against premature aging, there are natural recipes with formidable dermatological properties with a tightening effect to inhibit sagging skin. This banana mask is one of them. Find out how to easily perform this treatment at home for firm and luminous skin.

The signs of aging can quickly weaken our skin as the production of collagen, a substance essential for strengthening the elasticity of the skin, decreases. To combat the effects of this natural process, there is a plethora of natural skin tightening treatments. With this banana mask, find smooth and firmer skin. Spotlight on the formidable mechanisms of this weekly ritual.


The benefits of bananas

Banana, your natural moisturizer :

Did you know that banana fruit can deeply hydrate your skin? It contains 74% water, a considerable level that makes it one of the most hydrating foods. This property makes the food nicely called Musa acuminata a useful natural treatment to overcome the effects of time. Regularly hydrating the skin helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles, according to a study.

Bananas, your anti-aging ally :

This mine of vitamin C is a formidable ally in the fight against the signs of aging. And for good reason, this powerful antioxidant inhibits the presence of free radicals, the main cause of the appearance of diseases, and premature cellular aging. According to this study, the use and consumption of vitamin C have a reducing effect on the appearance of wrinkles. So many reasons to include banana fruit more often in our beauty rituals!

The benefits of lemon

Lemon, your natural whitening agent :

To find luminous skin without imperfections, have you thought of lemon? The star citrus in our detox has even more of a twist in its pulp. Its richness in natural acids allows it to mattify the skin and eliminate the excess sebum responsible for acne and blackheads. And that's not all: its whitening properties help it fight stains and scars. According to this study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, lemon is a recommended food for bright skin.


Lemon, your anti-aging ally :

The fruit of the lemon tree is the richest food in vitamin C. This antioxidant is essential in the fight against free radicals, responsible for the appearance of diseases and premature cell aging. According to this study published in the journal Scientific Reports, we owe the anti-aging properties of citrus fruit to its large amount of polyphenols.


The benefits of honey

Honey, an unstoppable moisturizer :

Thanks to a large amount of nutrients present in the beehive product, honey is a natural treatment recommended to deeply hydrate the skin and therefore reduce the effects of sagging skin. And its dermatological properties don't stop there. According to a study published in the Central Asian Journal of Global Health, the healing mechanisms of honey are proven. Honey is also recommended for the care of wounds, eczema, and dermatosis.


Honey, ideal for sensitive and reactive skin:

The bee product, rich in trace elements, is ideal for soothing redness associated with sensitive and reactive skin. This non-invasive treatment with softening properties is particularly recommended for skin which tends to be vulnerable to daily aggressions such as heat, pollution, or stress.


How to make my homemade anti-wrinkle treatment?

To see conclusive results on your skin, we recommend that you obtain organic ingredients.



- A ripe banana

- A tablespoon of lemon juice

- A tablespoon of honey



- Mash the banana with a fork to make a puree

-Add honey and lemon juice to the preparation



-Apply the treatment with a brush on the face and neck.

-Let the mask sit for 20 minutes

-Rinse off the treatment with lukewarm water and then apply a moisturizer to tighten the pores

You can perform this beauty ritual up to twice a week



-Because of its photosensitizing effect, it is advisable to make this lemon mask avoiding exposure to the sun.

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