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How to limit hair loss in Autumn 2020

All the tips to limit hair loss in Autumn

If the sight of more and more hair in the brush scares you, find out some tips to limit breakage.

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Autumn: all the tips to limit hair loss :

You've probably noticed that every year in the autumn, we lose more hair than usual. Several factors influence this phenomenon: hormones, temperature changes, the effects of the sun, the sea, and the heat of summer... the result varies from one person to another and can last up to eight weeks. In order to limit this loss and regain a resplendent hair before winter, here are some useful tips.

Special care for autumn:

Plan ahead and strengthen your hair with the regenerating treatments and fortifiers available in pharmacies and hair salons. They will help you reduce hair loss.

Another tip: ask your hairdresser to massage your hair while you shampoo to stimulate the scalp and promote regrowth.

Everyday reflexes:

Choose a mild shampoo and rinse your hair with warm water to avoid damage. To boost your care products, you can add a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Avoid poor quality bleaching, and straightening too often ... in short, anything that can damage your hair. This period is the ideal time to make a nutritive cure and pamper our manes.

An adapted diet:

Fill up on iron from lentils, red meat, fish and seafood, vitamin B from whole grains and oily fish, and minerals from hard cheeses, fruits, and vegetables to keep your hair shiny. A few weeks before the beginning of autumn and again towards the end of November, you can take a course of vitamin and mineral supplements available in pharmacies. They will benefit your hair and your body by helping it through the change of seasons.   






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